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We are the best wholesaler of Turkish dried fruits. If you are a manufacturer of a product that requires the use of dried fruits such as juice, tea, restaurants (salad, savory dishes), etc, or if you are a retailer of dried fruits looking to taste the best-dried fruits found in Turkey then you are at the right online store. Mr. Nuts Wholesales (our brand name) is here to serve you with a quality supply of dried fruits on a constant basis.

Stop having fears or being afraid of not successfully getting the raw materials needed for your production line on time. We have got your back. Not only do we provide you with quality products; a well-specified and transparent export of dried fruits and 7/24 customer care services. Order quality Dried Fruits Wholesale anytime from retailers of dried fruits.

We have quality dried Banana fruits, Ginger slices, Dried Cherry Fruit, Dried Blueberry Fruit Wholesale; Dried Coconut Fruit Wholesale, and Dried Cantaloupe Fruits Wholesale, Dried Goji Berries Wholesale.

You can equally have Dried Apple Fruit Wholesale, Dried Apricots Fruit wholesale; Bananas Fruit Wholesale, Dried Acai Berry, and many others here.

Some benefits of Turkish Dried fruits

  • Vey Hydrating | High in Antioxidant |May promote eye & skin health
  • Low in Calories, high in nutrients
  • Consume it directly as a snack
  • Add in your breakfasts like oats etc
  • Tasty & Nutritious
  • Non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free healthy bite-sized snack
  • Bright orange color adds color to whatever you are cooking.
  • A convenient, portable snack for active lifestyles that is ready to eat anytime, anywhere. That is why we have the best quality supply of dried fruits found in Turkey and are looking for worldwide retailers of dried fruits.

When people have a bad appetite they can eat some ginger. The appetizer effect of ginger is relatively obvious. Ginger powder can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is more conducive to people’s absorption of food.

However, it should be noted that ginger is best eaten during the day, and eating before going to bed is not good for health.

Baobab for example has a long history of being a reliable and safe traditional herbal in Africa. Perhaps it is one of the most unique plant varieties in Africa, given its exceptional nutritional profile and attributes as well as its innate market appeal.

Other Goods we supply;

We equally have Macadamia Nuts for sale, Peanuts for sale, Walnuts for sale, Muskmelon seeds for sale Pine Nuts for sale, Pistachio Nuts for sale, Chia seed for sale, Banana dried fruits for sale, Pecan Nuts for sale, Tiger nuts for sale, Chestnuts for sale, Chickpeas nuts for sale, Pumpkin seeds for sale, Sunflower seeds for sale, Linseeds/Flax Seeds for sale. Note that we do not sell to direct users of this products. We deal with store retailers and manufacturers who need our products on a monthly basis. Order the best Turkish Dried fruits today at low prices. We equally provide CIF quotation for those of you wanting to receive your order at your convenient port beside the warehouse.

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